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    Hi, I am Dave. Some call me Krunal.

    Probably you land up here via my articles in Medium as I love writing to connect with like-minded people.

    I am a Cyber Security Professional by profession, and a photographer, an award-winning filmmaker by passion.  However, in a nutshell, I am an ordinary human being with extraordinary dreams.

    Also, I am not perfect or an expert. But, I don't believe in mistakes either. Edward De Bono has put it the best - “You can analyse the past, but you need to design the future. That is the difference between suffering the future and enjoying it.”

    Ever since I got redundant in 2015, I have put myself on edge, especially out of the comfort zone to learn new skills, experiences and evolve with a growth mindset and courageous action. Whether it's about saying NO to toxic people, making a film based on a story that I believe in or preparing for a marathon. What I have achieved so far (and more to go) would not be possible without great books, life lessons and keystone habits.

    As a minimalist, I realized that it only takes three keystone habits for the complete transformation. I invested one year to develop this habit with myself with a lot of trial and error. Finally, I implemented my customized keystone habit framework that will leverage the compound effect and align three significant key dimensions of life - energy, body and mind.

    It is my experience that once three keystone habits are part of the daily routine, you can dare to dream and achieve the impossible.

    Since then, my life vision and mission is -

    “To inspire from a growth mindset and motivate the world through storytelling and keystone habits framework.”